This is what I do to unwind my body, mind and soul despite living with CRPS/RSD.

My jewelry is uniquely designed, starting with a vision and creating until that vision comes alive. I design using color combination's and textures that appeal to the eye. My work includes working with semi-precious beads, gemstones, glass beads, cultured pearls, Swarovski crystals, and silver, copper, bronze or gold accents. All my work is done in a Smoke-Free and Animal-Free environment.

"Don't Let your ABILITIES Be Dimmed By Your dis-Abilities."
HOPE is Contagious, Pass IT On!

About ME
Where to begin..."Don't Let Your ABILITIES be Dimmed by Your dis-Abilities."
I am a wife, daughter, aunty, friend and a mentor to many who loves to smile, enjoys the outdoors and has a huge creative side.

In a split second, 15+ years ago working as a nurse and in the job of my dreams, I was injured, crushed my Sural nerve and that was the end of my  25+ year nursing career!  Where is your Sural nerve you ask?... right behind your ankle bone.  A horrible sound and excruciating pains rushed upon me and within seconds that life as an overachiever, who barely slowed to enjoy all of what God had blessed me with came to a screeching halt!  That moment, that minute, that hour, that day and that month changed who I was physically and what I would be able to do from that point on.  Almost immediately after my injury I noticed the all too familiar color and temperature changes and 24/7 "fire-poker" type pains that accompany this beast they now call Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/ CRPS, which is a relentless, chronic nerve pain syndrome.  There is NO cure and there is NO permanent treatment for CRPS/RSD!  It is what IT is and finding a treatment to help you cope and live with your pain is often not available.  There are a few that go into remission with certain treatments and for those that that happens to-- they cherish those moments!  As we all are uniquely created we ALL react differently to treatments and or procedures and what works for one doesn't mean it Will work for another.

One of my goals is to con't to Raise Awareness of what myself and others with this diagnosis go through on a daily basis; thus one of the reasons for making my CRPS/RSD Awareness Jewelry, Lapel Pin and Key Chains.  I will donate a portion of the proceeds from my CRPS/RSD Awareness Jewelry, Key Chains and Lapel Pin to research and/or to help another who endures this disease on a daily basis.

I find joys, smiles and rays of sunshine in the littlest things around me and what a beautiful feeling that is! My faith with a positive attitude and living with HOPE is what keeps me moving and grooving in this journey. 

"Life Isn’t About How You Survive The Storm, But How You Dance In The Rain.”
This candle of HOPE continues to burn for a cure
and I will NOT distinguish this until there IS A CURE for ALL of US!!!   

Blessings of Peace and HOPE,