This is what I do to unwind my body, mind and soul despite living with CRPS/RSD.

My jewelry is uniquely designed, starting with a vision and creating until that vision comes alive. I design using color combination's and textures that appeal to the eye. My work includes working with semi-precious beads, gemstones, glass beads, cultured pearls, Swarovski crystals, and silver, copper, bronze or gold accents. All my work is done in a Smoke-Free and Animal-Free environment.

"Don't Let your ABILITIES Be Dimmed By Your dis-Abilities."
HOPE is Contagious, Pass IT On!

Comments From Buyers

 This beautiful plaque was made for me by an amazing young woman who

endures CRPS/RSD!

These are just a few comments that I've had over the years, Thank U to all.

~~love my beauties that u made... the ankle bracelet is just soo cute...

~~Your jewellery is beautiful and as a fellow RSD/CRPS winner (I choose winner rather than sufferer!) I would be honoured to wear something so pretty and meaningful.

~~"My friends who I have shared my awareness charms with are over the moon and one even showed her pain dr (who loved it too), thank you for making it possible Belle ♥"

~~"Belle made the finest awareness bracelet I could have ever expected. I wear it with pride as I show that I have RSD and support awareness! She is excellent to work with, very honest and shows true pride in her matierial and workmanship! I highly recommend Handcrafted Awareness Jewelry! You will not be disappointed! ♥"

~~Just like Christmas!!! Thank U....U do represent. Yur true passion for awareness in yur pieces....yur presentation is awesome...Thank u once again..... 

~~I am so thankful that you have this wonderful website available to support people with CRPS. I thank you. If I have to suffer, at least I can look pretty doing it, right? :)

~~Guess what arrived today?! My necklace! I'm wearing it with huge pride! It's beautiful, thank you so much. 

~~"Belle, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about my experiences with your beautiful jewelry. So many people have complimented me on my pieces, which gives me the opportunity to start the awareness conversation. I love your jewelry and the awareness it's spreading. Thank you!"

~~I have RA and I found your site just looking for things to buy for RA awareness in a google search under shopping.  Thank you so much and I look forward to being able to wear that beautiful necklace!

~~I got it today...It's beautiful....I love the orange beads... and the CRPS ribbon...Thank you so much....It's breathtaking...I will wear it with love...because I have a feeling it was made with love...

~~My daughter has CRPS/RSD, and have been looking for a bracklet for quite some time. So happy I ran into your web site. Thanks

~~"Belle I love what you are doing in making beautiful pieces of jewelry & at the same time bringing awareness to this dreadful disease!!!

~~When I went to your site, I was immediately caught by the beauty of the jewelry.  I knew that most were too fancy, but I hoped that you could make adjustments for me.  I think that God steered me to you.  That was the best thing I could have done.  I am so happy that I found you.

~~I think your outlook on life is fantastic and what you are doing to raise money for CRPS is brilliant!

~~I can't tell you how many compliments I've received on your jewelry---so beautiful..I never take them off!! 

~~Love your RSD items!

~~Thank you! :)
~~I just received my order the bracelet is lovely.  I am so looking forward to your ankle bracelets. Becky

~~Thanks for helping to spread the word to try and end this horrible disease!

~~I got a lot of compliments on it...Thank you again..

I recieved the guardian angel key chain, I knew it would be nice, but I have to say it was even better then I thought. Truly made so well, I am very happy with it and also so happy to know I am spreading the word about RSD and that RSDSA is also bennefiting from this.  What a blessing you are Belle.

~~Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me.

~~Belle these are the most BEAUTIFUL pieces I have ever had the extreme pleasure of wearing in my life!!!!  I am sooooo VERY proud each time I put them on and even more so when people ask me where I got them or what they are all about!!

~~ I'm ordering it for a friend of mine who has had CRPS the past couple years, and I wanted to find her something special and came across your website.  So thank you for sharing your gift! =]

~~I just wanted to let you know I received my bracelet and I LOVE it! Thank you SO much!! :)

~~"I ordered the swarovski necklace with a RSD ribbon and it is even nicer in person.  Belle you are wonderful to work with and make beautiful awareness jewelery...I have gotten many compliments already!" Jamie

~~Belle does amazing work!! Mia
~~You are an AMAZINGLY talented lady and I appreciate you!!  My Sincerest Love & Appreciation,  Coach Marla

~~hi belle received today in condition the crps pin/lapel badge many thanks the detail is stunning regards

~~i got my charms in the mail today and i love them.  i do a lot of online shopping instead of going to the store and NO ONE has ever given me personal treatment.
 ~~I just received my pin and bracelets, wearing both.  Have had so many comments and questions so they are bringing awareness to this evil condition. 

~~Its lovely,  I've been wearing it every day.

~~i received the bracelets that i ordered from you today. i wanted to say thank you for such a personalized package.

~~your work is brilliant

~~"I LOVE your page Belle and your jewelry is AMAZING! I'm just ordering some now!

~~ I've got the double beaded one on just now & Mum's still wearing her CRPS one.  Lots of comments from family, friends & passersby asking about them.  Many thanks again for your lovely jewellery & vision.

~~Hi! The items came in a couple of days ago :) Thank you SO MUCH! They are just gorgeous!!!! Better than expected! It was boxed so lovely too! - you are truly a blessing!

~~The most beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry arrived in the mail from YOU to ME! ... It took my breath away. It is absolutely the finest piece of custom jewelry I've ever seen. The quality, beauty, sparkle, glisten, and overall design was amazing. You have been truly blessed with a special gift and your "workwomanship" and creativity shines through in this lovely inspired bracelet and beautiful set of glistening earrings. Thank you so much for taking the time to create them especially for me.  Truly ... 5 STARS!!!   Donna  

~~THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  Thank you for my lovely & beautiful necklace, earrings and bracelet.  Also, wanted to tell you the packaging was so pretty, and the ribbon around the box! So lovely, another creative touch of the design genius!

~~The jewelry is just beautiful..I LOVE it!!!  I will be sure to stop by and order again I'm sure because I know there will be tons of compliments!! Thanks again for everything!!-Colleen

~~ I was very anxious for my daughter to see it that I didn't wait til her birthday-- I gave it to her yesterday.  They are everything I expected and more-- she loved them and immediately put one on to wear to work.  Thank you again for everything.  Thank you again for working so long with me to get these pieces right.  You are truly a special person.  God Bless you.


Thank you for the feedback.  These are what keep me going on this journey of designing awareness and non-awareness jewelry.  Together, WE can all make a difference when it comes to CRPS/RSD/Fibro and other awareness!

Blessings of Peace and HOPE,

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